Budapest has one of the most idyllic locations. The Danube plain opens East and South of the city, exposing it to a wider world than Europe’s capitals further west. Budapest can offer richer influences and wilder tales than you expect. There’s no better way to start exploring than this that enjoying Hungarian food!

Budapest Restaurant
Budapest Chain Bridge Lion

Many visitors wish to pay their respects at the Terezin-Theresienstadt memorial which is just outside Prague. We can also design itineraries to a host of houses and castles out in the countryside. North lie Dresden and then Berlin… East is Vienna, on the way to Budapest and why not see all three with Art Tours!

Karlovy Vary

No less mythical than ‘Prague Castle’ is the Jewish Town. Like Prague Castle, the Jewish Town is a world all to itself. There is far more than meets the eye and it is full of ancient stories, not just in the famous Old Jewish cemetery. It is unmissable whatever your heritage.

Jewish Ceremonial Hall Prague

‘Prague Castle’ hovers half-real and half-dream in front of you as you cross the Charles Bridge. It isn’t one building but a whole town in itself, one thousand years in the making. Explore ‘Prague Castle’ and the surrounding ‘Little Town’ in the hands of an expert who knows its secrets.

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague is an enchantment. Its historical heart is a puzzle of four different towns, an endless, interconnecting feast of medieval, baroque and eclectic heritage lining the countless winding lanes that still far outnumber the few boulevards. Although the Old Town Square and the other highlights are now thronged by visitors, with the right guidance it is still perfectly possible to evade the crowds and savour Prague’s timelessness.

Prague Skyline
Prague Astronomical Clock

This can be a quick stop as part of your wider exploration of Germany but should not be missed.

Leipzig Grimmaische Strasse Auerbachs Keller

A hundred years ago Leipzig was the second richest city in Germany and you can still see testaments to this prosperity and significance in the architecture, as well as mighty evidence of its watershed role in the Napoleonic Wars.

Leipzig Nikolstrasse

The city also has a burgeoning art scene, building on a heritage of artists that lived and worked here during the East German era, some of them fascinatingly subversive. The Communist regime was eventually brought to its knees on the streets of Leipzig and our guide will tell you the story.

Bocklin Die Toteninsel