There are several superb private collections in Naples whose owners kindly open their doors. We also love to show hidden parts of the city few people explore but which are full of wonders and we like to arrange private evening visits to major museums after they are closed to the public.

Naples Staircase Priv Palazzo

Naples is as rich as Rome in its layers of history and in many ways just as impressive: from the cisterns built by the ancient Greeks, astounding early Christian Baptistery and beautiful medieval churches, to the Renaissance and Baroque art of its grand churches and museums. Oh and then there is one Europe’s most amazing archaeological museums… and one of Europe’s finest painting collections….

Naples Arch San Giovani a la Carbonara
Caravaggio flagellation

We have worked with the best hotels in Florence for over a decade and can advise accordingly. For those who want a complete escape, we can also arrange wonderful private villas out in the countryside a short drive from the city.

Florence Private Palace

We have wonderful guides for Florence; passionate teachers and great fun to be with. They will transform your experience of this city so rich in art and history. Our experts include museum curators, writers and a brilliant sculptor!

Florence Statue

Some of Italy’s most beautiful gardens are in Florence. The finest are not open to the public and we arrange private visits to them, which might include private a lunch, or dinner and even a private watercolour painting lesson.

Florence Private Garden

Florence is a city of many layers and we love to show parts few people know about, let alone see: there are several incredible private collections we have access to, not to mention getting you into world renowned museums after they are closed to the public.

Pontormo Santa Felicita
Florence male statue

Outside Barcelona lie many wonderful towns and places, from Sitges and Montserrat to important private houses and gardens. If you can stay longer it will be worth it!

Parc Guell rock columns

We arrange tours that open up the gourmet world of Barcelona, whether its local tapas spots or one of the many famous restaurants in the city.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter