Leipzig is Germany’s secret capital of music - Bach composed for 27 years in Leipzig and his concert hall still stands. Wagner was born here. You can visit Robert and Clara Schuman and Felix and Fanny Mendelsohn’s houses – and why not let Art Tours organise private recitals for you of their music in these composers’ own living rooms?

Gewandhaus Leipzig

For this city to come to life understanding history is vital and there is no better way than to be accompanied by one of our amazing guides.

Nuremburg bridge

Near Nuremberg are many wonderful day trips to miraculously preserved towns. Nuremberg is also close to Prague, which is a whole other world of Art Tours.

Wasserschloss Mespelbrunn

This charm was Nuremberg’s undoing when it attracted the Nazis, on the look out for the most mythical German town. Not far from the historic heart are the grounds where they had their mind-numbing rallies and the courthouse where the surviving war criminals were brought to some justice.

Nuremburg rally grounds

Nuremberg’s golden age was 500 years ago. It’s Germany’s biggest medieval fairy tale. All over town master craftsmen have left treasures to be cherished. In the hands of an expert guide there is endless culture to behold and visitors miss most of it. Don’t be one of them, spend at least two nights here and savour it.

Nuremburg Kaiserburg

Let Art Tours combine your visit to Munich with experiences in these gems of destinations close by: north to Nuremberg, and Berlin - a brand new rail line means in 2018 the Berlin-Munich trip has been cut from 6 to only 4 hours – or south to Salzburg and Austria!

Munich Apollo Temple

Outside Munich, Bavaria’s countryside offers gorgeous day trips to the castle at Neuschwanstein, Linderhof palace, and the Oberammergau passion-play village as well as the towns, lakes and mountains in the foothills of the Alps. If you can extend your stay there are delights in store.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Munich has invested lavishly in new architecture and lavish renovations to house art collections spanning the centuries, including surprising permanent and temporary contemporary exhibitions, which we think are some of the most underrated attractions in Europe.

Munich Maximillian

Outside its royal residences and temples to art, Munich offers engrossing street tours featuring mad monarchs, visionaries, revolutionaries, heroes and downright villains. Our guides will bring these historic streets to life for you.

Munich Residenz der bayrischen Herzoge

Our brilliant guides based in Dresden will make all the difference to your trip and will unveil its secrets. We use a couple of preferred hotels only.

Dresden DD Schloss