Those who like a more contemporary buzz can enjoy one of Greece’s chicest towns, Nafplio, with its delicious food and fabulous views of the sea and mountains. We can arrange visits to underwater archaeological sites in the southern Peloponnese.


The vast fortifications at Tiryns and the great ‘bee-hive’ tombs at Mycenae are the stuff of legend, and conjure the physical world of Homer’s Agamemnon.

The Peloponnese

Passing through Arkadia to Olympia is one the great journeys left for the European visitor, unspoilt by modernity.


The list of ancient cities says all: Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos, Olympia, and Epidavros, to name only the most famous.

The Peloponnese

We encourage clients to take their own boat and find the secluded beaches that offer total privacy.


One way of enjoying the islands is to rent a villa and we have access to a selection of the most distinguished privately owned villas in Greece.