We have many years of experience choosing hotels for clients all over Greece, from Athens to Thessaloniki and across many islands. There are a lot to choose from but we believe there are a handful that stand head and shoulders above the rest. We are happy to advise and book hotels as part of a fully bespoke tour of Greece.

Hotel greek islands

If you can spare the time there are a number of important and beautiful classical sites in Central and Northern Greece, from Delphi which was the centre of the ancient Greek world to Vergina where the tombs of Alexander the Great’s family lie. And if you are interested in Byzantine art and history a visit to Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki, is a must where there are superb museums and impressive byzantine churches.

Greece meteora view

No tour of classical Greece would be complete without exploring the Peloponnese and the evocative ruins of Mycenae, Epidavros, and Olympia (to name only the most famous classical sites). Whether you want to drive yourself or be dropped by helicopter we can arrange it.


Athens is usually the first port of call for those interested in exploring the history, art and archaeology of classical Greece. The Acropolis and Agora await along with some of the finest archaeological museums in the world. We organise magical private evening visits to museums and the finest restaurants and theatre performances in the summer months. Our superb local guides will make all the difference to your visit.

Athens acropolis theatre
Greek statue
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