Monumento a Alfonso Madrid
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Spanish ruins

We arrange day trips from Paris to all these places and many more.

Louis XIV

If you are interested in the genesis of 19th century French painting, the delightful ‘painting’ village of Barbizon is a must.


Our favourite spots outside Paris include Vaux-le-Vicomte and Fontainebleau, which are a heady mix of grand architecture, rich interiors and magnificent grounds.


Versailles, built for Louis XIV and his court, where we can arrange a private visit.

Versailles Face

Catherine de Medici created the splendid gardens and filled the interiors with paintings and tapestries. We organise day trips from Paris to the Loire as well as tours based in the region itself.


Perhaps the most magic of all is the chateau de Chenonceau built across the river Cher in the 16th century. In 1547 King Henri II donated it to his favourite lady, Diane de Poitiers, renowned for her beauty.


Our favourite chateaux include Chambord with its unique roof scape and Leonardo inspired staircases, and Blois with its superb views and architecture.

Loire Blois

This where the great kings of Renaissance France went hunting and enjoyed life away from the city.