We arrange completely bespoke trips to London focused on the arts.

London St.Pauls

Add people from nations all over the world who have come to live and work here and you have a city with an almost inexhaustible wealth of culture.

Museum Art London

The city has taken shape around lots of towns and villages joined together over the centuries.

Tower of London

England in the Summertime

We are known for our exclusive access to private houses and collections in England. Access that goes well beyond the obvious offered by other operators. Some of our most important visits we might only offer once a year. All visits to country houses on our tours are done privately.

English estate with lake

On one our tours you might meet several deeply engaging experts: it might be a curator who knows about every item of furniture and every painting in a house, it might be the head gardener who can tell you about every flower in his borders or it might be the owner themselves telling stories about their family. Our clients love the variety of expertise on our trips.

Art Tours Ltd Our experts

We have extensive experience choosing where to stay, from small and charming hotels to the Michelin starred and even iconic stately homes themselves. There are a small number of properties head and shoulders above the rest and we know them.

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