For most of the world, Milan means fashion. But Milan is so much more than la moda: from its spectacular Gothic cathedral to its gigantic Renaissance castle, Milan is full of art treasures.

We recommend a visit to Capri, home to holiday goers since the time of the Roman emperors.


The region is home to several of Italy’s most luxurious hotels, all of which have views to make the heart beat a little faster.

Portofino Villa

Ravello hosts some of Europe’s most popular classical music festivals and concerts and Positano is a shopper’s paradise.

Ana Capri
Capri Statue

Italy’s most beautiful area of coastline and an inspiration to artists and writers since the turn of the 20th century when it was first ‘discovered’.

Our guides in Rome are authors and art historians of the highest calibre. We specialise in organising visits to the great private collections as well as the better known sights.

Rome & Lazio

Day trip possibilities abound outside the city, from the Grand Tourist’s paradise of Tivoli and a host of other sensational gardens to the tranquility of St Benedict’s first monastic community at Subiaco.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

The wealth and density of Rome can overwhelm. We specialise in designing tailored trips which bring the Eternal City to life. These range from long weekend ‘highlights of Rome’, to longer visits which focus on a specific theme or period.

Rome & Lazio

The patronage of emperors, popes, and princes for well over two millennia has created a city unrivalled for the variety and beauty of its art and architecture.

Rome & Lazio
Rome & Lazio

Classical Rome, Early Christian Rome, Renaissance Rome, Baroque Rome, you could spend a week on each and still only scratch the surface.