“R thought the private tour of the Vatican that Art Tours organised was one of the greatest experiences he has ever had. He was mesmerised!”


“The revelatory tour of Naples was immaculately and imaginatively planned; executed with style, intelligence and sensitivity. We were privileged and fortunate to have James as our guide.”


“My visual and sensory memory of the trip is strong. Art, architecture and artifacts came together as we were led, like polar explorers, through sea and snow to the Northern lights. Unforgettable.”


“It was unique to visit those great Country Houses of Dorset that are not available to the general public or even National Trust Members. Meeting - and being guided by - family members was a privilege.”


“Thank you for a superb trip to Berlin! It was our first visit there and could not have gone better. The Art Tours experience was perfect: we saw everything we wanted and never felt overwhelmed. An expert programme.”


“Having just caught my breath after that excellent trip, I wish to say how enjoyable it was. Thank you all for looking after me so well and for sharing your prodigious knowledge.”


“Laura was fantastic: knowledgeable and funny and she pitched everything just right for us. We felt so well organised and looked after, everything happened as it said it would and we could all enjoy making only the most important decisions – what to eat and drink!”


“The visit was truly enjoyable; travelling with you is the Rolls Royce of how to see the world for the more mature and slightly nervous customer like myself!”


“The experience completely exceeded expectations.”


“Huge Congratulations. It was one of the most successful Courtauld trips ever.”


“My dreams last night were filled with Serpotta and a virtual tour of all the amazing art you shared with us. Your company is brilliant!”


“Our trip to Paris was unforgettable. Thank you for your phenomenal planning and attention to detail. We will definitely be in touch to arrange more trips with your first class travel company!”


“The girls loved their trip to Greece and it will stay with them forever. They learned so much. The pace and variety of the programme kept them completely engaged and they had great fun.”


“Our guides in Naples and Palermo were excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and their knowledge of the history and art of the region was immense.”


“It was a feast of architecture and a thrill to see the astonishing hidden mosaics in Ravenna. The beautiful paintings in Parma were superlative works of art.”


“Our trip around the Dalmatian Coast was a dream: we saw such beautiful and interesting sites and really relaxed on board. The picnic by the salt water lakes on Mljet was unforgettable.”


“Your guiding has to be experienced to be believed. The visit to the Wallace Collection was phenomenal and moved us as much as any outstanding production at the theatre.”


“We enjoyed ourselves immensely, from the view of the temples at Agrigento at sunset to the lovely dinner in Palazzo Beneventano and the tour of Catania, and lots of other surprises in between. I was very sad for it to be over.”


“Thank you so much for arranging a trip that was completely inspiring and satisfying. The group was lovely and we had huge fun. Till next year ...”