We Support

Art Tours Ltd supports charities in three sectors: Human, Environment and Arts.

We are proud supporters of The Swaziland Charitable Trust, which builds schools in Swaziland and helps pay for the education of children orphaned by AIDS. Our orphan has three more years at Embo primary school before continuing to secondary school. For more information on this wonderful charity please visit www.swazilandcharitabletrust.org

We are delighted to support the Organic Research Centre in its quest to find land management solutions to key global issues, such as climate change, soil and biodiversity conservation and food security. For more information on their vital work please visit: www.organicresearchcentre.com/

We are delighted to support the following organisations, which promote the arts and arts education:
The Courtauld Institute of Art – www.courtauld.ac.uk
Heritage of London Trust – www.heritageoflondon.com
Friends of the National Libraries – www.friendsofnationallibraries.org.uk