Berlin is one of the keys to the modern world and one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. Art Tours guides in Berlin know how to make you part of its story. Once the capital of the 20th century, Berlin fell mightily taking European civilisation with it. Its rise and fall have left grandeur and scars, of which the Berlin Wall is only the most visible.

Tours & Regions

Bundeskanzleramt Berlin
Incredible Art

Art Tours can give you weeks of access in Berlin in only a few days. Berlin is home to first class collections, once barely accessible; treasures from Ancient Egypt and Babylon, Expressionism and Modernism have now been reunited. There is also a pulsing contemporary art scene.

Berlin building roof garden
Incredible Architecture

In recent years countless powerful memorials have been built in a search for some way back to humanity. The physical destruction has been replaced by architecture from the world’s greatest architects: Daniel Libeskind, IM Pei, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry and Helmut Jahn.

Berlin building
Amazing Guides

Berlin has so many engrossing themes. There is far more than anyone could see in a visit but our guides have years of experience in bringing you the highlights inside and out. Berlin has become a magnet for bright, young creatives. No wonder some of our most brilliant local guides live and work in Berlin!

Berlin picture
Further Afield

In the warmer months nearby Potsdam offers the ideal day trip; it is the Versailles of Berlin, but far more intimate. You won’t believe all this is so close to the big city. Let Art Tours combine your visit to Berlin with gems close by: south to Nuremberg and Munich or Dresden and Prague. Leipzig is for classical music lovers. They’re all closer than you think!